What is Mighty Rewards?

Mighty Rewards has been specifically designed to reward our customers for their loyalty. Members of the program earn Mighty Rewards Points based on their eligible product purchases through Mitre 10 stores. It's free to join and rewards you every time you shop at your nominated participating Mitre 10.

How does Mighty Rewards work?

Simply present your Mighty Rewards Card every time you make a purchase at your participating Mitre 10 local store. Your card will be swiped and your purchase recorded. You’ll earnt points on every $1 you spend*.

* Effective on all eligible products (sale and catalogue items) unless advised by the store and excludes gift cards and services offered in store.

Are there any restrictions on the Points I can earn?

Check the terms and conditions at the local store where you first signed up to the Mighty Rewards Program, as they will be able to confirm if there are any restrictions at that time.

Can I use my card straight away?

Yes, you can sign up in store by completing an application form and start using your card. Store staff will be able to assist you with your transaction.

Do I always earn point(s) for every $1 spent?

Yes, you will earn base points for every $1 spent on eligible products. This may exclude some services in store (such as key cutting etc.) and also gift cards. For further information, please ask in store for details. Stores may also offer additional or bonus points during promotion periods.

How long can I redeem my accumulated Points, do they expire?

Points will expire in 12 months from the date they were earned unless redeemed prior.

Can I earn and redeem Points at any Mitre 10 store?

Points can be earned and redeemed at the store/s stipulated on the back of your Mighty Rewards membership card.

How many Points do I need in my account before I can redeem?

There is no minimum amount of points required before you can redeem.

Can I redeem my reward straight away?

You can begin using your card at the time of sign up to earn Points, but you can only redeem Points once you have completed and submitted an application form to the store, and your account details have been set up in the system. Please allow approximately a few working days for your account to be set up in the system.

Do I have to pay with my credit card to earn Points?

No, Points are earned on both cash and card purchases.

How can I find out how many Points I have?

Once you have created your account and logged into mightyrewards.com.au, you will be able to see your Points balance, transaction history and personal information. Alternatively, when you come in store for your next purchase, you can ask the register staff for your balance or have your email added to the system to receive communications about your points balance. You points balance may also be detailed on your docket (excluding the current transaction).

How do I redeem my Points for a reward?

Simply provide your Mighty Rewards Card to staff member upon check-out.

What can I do with my additional key tags?

You can give key tags to family members and continue earning Points that will contribute to your account. This means you can earn Points more quickly and enjoy your Rewards sooner! With the whole family or household with their own Might Rewards Card, you'll never miss out on valuable Points.

What should I do if lose my card?

Simply visit the Mitre 10 store where your account is held, ask the staff to issue you with a new card, and the Mitre 10 store will transfer your lost card into the new card that you have just received.

Where do I find details about my points?

Click here to check your points and transaction history.

How do I update my Mighty Rewards card details?

Click here to update your Mighty Rewards card details.